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About Us......The High Winds Family


More than three generations of showing dogs!

Welcome to the High Winds Family....

Kevin,  Cindy,  Ally,  Evan, Claire & Nathan  Mannor

Our family has been showing both dogs and Arabian horses as long as I can remember.  Myself,  I have been showing since the age of six years old. Growing up my  family was always an active member of the 4-H,  as my mother was the club leader and a Veterinary Tech.   As a family we rescued many different animals and also worked with children.  Helping those who were fortunate enough to have dogs & horses and those who did not.  I was  lucky enough as a child to benefit from all the hard work and the lesson in life that animals can bring to a child.  I am very thankful that I am blessed to bring my passion for animals and share that with a loving husband and children who love to work together as a family and to take it successfully to the ring and water...

Together with my husband, son &  daughters we embark in following our passions.  Allyson is currently showing in both Junior Handling and now starting in obedience and waterwork.  My husband, Kevin is our "dog whisperer" and is in charge of  most of our obiedence and field work with our dogs.  Myself I am the "ringmaster" and work in conformation and grooming, but most of all I am a mother who is blessed with a loving family and beautiful dogs.

High Winds is an active member of the PWDCA and the GLPWD since 1999.